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Tina Zompetti

Owner, Mona Fina Medspa

Mona Fina Tina
I have been fondly nicknamed “Mona Fina Tina,” and it is a nickname that fits. I am a beauty junkie which makes me very qualified in this line of work! I moved to the dry Arizona desert as a child, and was told by my ‘Noni’ that I should use a skin moisturizer daily - and I have done so faithfully ever since. I am fortunately blessed with Italian skin, but the rest has been up to me, and I have tried it all! Our entire team looks forward to sharing our knowledge and secrets with you. We will help you achieve the alluring beauty you desire!

About Me
I was born in Worcester Massachusetts in late December, back in ’63. (A big thank you to Frankie Valli for writing a song about me!) I vividly recall my first record album, “Tina the Ballerina'' which apparently started my life-long LOVE of dancing.

While growing up, I had every eating disorder imaginable. (Believe me when I say I understand body image issues.) Thankfully, I realized I needed another focus in my life and became a fighter – literally. I am a black-belt in five different martial arts styles, and held the Arizona kickboxing championship. While owning my own dojo, I founded Women Against Rape (WAR) which is a non-profit that helps women improve their self-confidence, gain defensive skills and overcome difficult life situations.

I also worked in corporate America for many years, focusing on customer service. So I am bringing that skill set to Mona Fina, and we are focused on how we treat you.

Eventually MY LOVE for animals led me to found Horse Haven which is a non-profit horse rescue here in North Scottsdale (www.tntranch.org). In my spare time, I am a real estate agent, grandmother of eight, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer!

Dedicated to You
In all seriousness, Mona Fina Medspa is dedicated to YOU – those looking for beauty improvements via non-invasive modalities which will increase our self-esteem and thereby improve our outlook on life in a positive way. We all need a little pampering, something uplifting now and then, to feel alluring. Life is too difficult and way too short to not take time out for yourself. Mona Fina Medspa will help you regenerate and recharge. We look forward to taking this journey with you, and thank you for entrusting us with your care.

Remember ‘YOU’ are Something Beautiful & Special!

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