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A good facial is far more than a luxurious pampering session. An effective facial is one that starts with a careful and thorough examination of the skin on the face and neck. The aesthetician examines the skin under a magnifying light, looking at texture, pores, fine lines, deep wrinkles, sun damage and blemishes. She will feel the skin—is it firmly supported by underlying tissue, or could it use a boost of collagen to give it a plumper, smoother look and feel? 

You’ll be asked what your goals are—do you want your skin to be clearer? Are you troubled by oiliness or dryness? Do you have fine lines you’d rather be without? What kind of makeup do you use and how do you remove it? What medications do you take, including over the counter supplements? If you smoke, chances are your aesthetician already knows that…..the fine lines around your mouth will give that away. How much sleep do you get? 

Many factors influence your skin’s condition, including your genetics, how much time you have spent in the sun over the years, your general state of health, and how you have cared for (or haven’t cared for) your skin over the years. Hormonal changes, thyroid imbalances, medication side effects, fatigue and alcohol and tobacco use can show up first in your face. 

Besides sharing your goals with your aesthetician, share your budget for skin care. What do you expect to spend? One treatment is better than none, but many conditions require a series of treatments, then maintenance treatments, to get the results you want. Be honest with yourself and your aesthetician about what you are committed to spending and to doing. She can tailor your treatment plan for you. 

Aestheticians can’t reverse years of sun damage or other problems in one session, but they can guide you toward healthier-looking skin through products and treatments to reach your goals. Laser resurfacing, micro needling and other treatments prompt collagen production, which plumps the skin and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels and other exfoliating treatments remove dead skin and reveal smooth new skin that is more receptive to hydration and serums. 

 The key to any facial  is your follow-through. Make your aesthetician's recommendations a part of your nighttime and morning routines. Use the products they recommend as directed.

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