Emotional Well-Being

Life is a balancing act, and when one aspect of life is out of whack, other aspects often follow the leader. The resulting anxiety makes everything feel worse, from headaches to sleepless nights. So…. finding a way to break the cycle is key to emotional well-being.

Nitrous Oxide

There’s a reason Nitrous Oxide is known as “laughing gas.” It’s a colorless, odorless gas that is mixed with oxygen and breathed in through a comfortable mask. The result is immediate relaxation and often a feeling of euphoria. Anxiety is relieved and muscles you didn’t even know were tightened into knots suddenly relax. The effects of the nitrous oxide are temporary—a couple of deep breaths of room air usually clear it from your system. But the relaxation it provides can break a cycle of muscle tension and anxiety.

Pulsed EMF

Pulsed EMF, or “pulsed electromagnetic frequency” may provide a break from anxiety, allowing your mind and your body to find a new, healthier equilibrium. It’s a non-invasive, comfortable treatment administered in several sessions.

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