Regenerative Medicine / PRP

In case you haven’t noticed, everything slows down with age…..even your body’s ability to heal. Regenerative medicine can be used to boost your body’s own healing powers.

PRP for Injury Treatment

One of the most popular ways to kick-start your healing is to inject your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the injured area. PRP is prepared by drawing a vial of your own blood, then spinning it in a special centrifuge to concentrate the platelets into the plasma. This is then injected into the injured tissue, spurring your body to speed up its healing.

SoME PRP Skincare Formulations

This is an innovative product to take your skin to the next level. It’s called SoME and it is a topical serum that we put your own PRP in to apply to your skin. There is no product out there like this and you can purchase a one-month supply or get your blood drawn once, save some money and purchase a 3-month supply. Keep refrigerated in your own personal SoME refrigerator.

The product contains your own growth factors that can directly stimulate the receptors in your skin for collagen stimulation and brightening. Is it especially beneficial as a post treatment serum after micro needling, micro needling Radiofrequency, and Laser resurfacing where the serum can absorb into the channels and really speed up your healing and recovery.

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