Sexual Health

O Shot

It’s not exactly a shot in the arm, but an O Shot is worth considering by women looking for some help with sexual responsiveness and satisfaction. An O Shot is an injection into your clitoris, labia, G-spot or vaginal walls and its purpose is to increase blood flow and thus sensitivity in these areas. And you guessed it—"O” stands for orgasm. The substance injected is your own blood, which is drawn from your arm then prepared in our onsite lab. The result is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which is used in many areas of the body that need a boost. Discomfort is minimal and there is no downtime.

Scream Cream

“Scream Cream” is a topical cream that increases blood flow, sensitivity and lubrication in the vaginal area for women who seek help with sexual enjoyment. The ingredients include testosterone (yes, women naturally produce testosterone and it is important to libido and sexual function), vasodilators and a bronchodilator. It is applied directly to the clitoris a half hour before sex, and the effects last approximately two hours.

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