Tinting - Brows & Lashes

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash extensions. Microblading. Tattooing. Chances are, you’ve done at least one of these to make your eyes look their best. All these techniques work, to some extent, but they may be more expensive, more time-intensive and more permanent than you’re willing to risk. Then there is the old tried and true mascara and eyebrow pencil…..both can be messy and maddeningly temporary.  

But have you considered eyelash and eyebrow tinting? If you have lashes and brows but they are blonde, gray or otherwise not dark enough to enhance your eyes, you owe it to yourself to try tinting. 

We will help you select your preferred color. Do you want bold and dark or a more natural look? She will choose a tint color and do a skin patch test in an unobtrusive place like the side of your neck. This will see how your skin reacts to the dye product. No rash? Then it’s go-time. 

Your eye makeup will be removed and your brows and eyelashes will be cleaned and patted dry. If your eyebrows need shaping, your aesthetician will do that with wax or tweezers. Finally, tint will be gently applied with a brush, following the shape of your brows and tinting the brow hairs. For the lashes, the tine will be applied like mascara, but there is no stickiness, no fibers and no tarry consistency. The tint is weightless and dries quickly. You will need to lie still and not touch your eyes until your aesthetician tells you the tint is dry. 

How long does tinting last on lashes and brows? Average time is about four weeks, with some lasting longer and some lasting not quite that long. Will you still wear mascara and eyebrow powder or pencil? Probably not. Some women will opt for a bit of morning makeup touchup before the next session, but most do not. 

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